How to contact us for appointments and prescriptions

Telephone 044 280 30 88

Monday to Friday:

9 a.m. to 12 noon

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

If the phone is not answered, the whole team is busy attending to patients in the clinic. Please try calling again later.

Here’s a tip: our phone line is usually less busy on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fax 044 280 30 89

You can cancel a booked appointment by telephone or fax at least one working day (24 hours) in advance. If you miss a consultation you did not cancel, or cancelled too late, we will charge you a fee of CHF 30 (CHF 60 for scheduled procedures) to cover our expenses. This fee compensates us for the time we reserved for you as well as the time spent processing your medical history, as this is a private service that is not covered by health insurance.


Please use this email address to contact the clinic assistant. We check and our manage our email inbox at 8 a.m. every weekday; please remember this when cancelling appointments, which must be done at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

Patients wishing to arrange an appointment should contact the clinic by telephone to discuss their situation.

As online consultations are prohibited under the Zurich healthcare laws, we cannot provide any medical information or photo consultations via this email address.

When replying to your email, or if we have previously corresponded with you via email or if you have provided an email address to us, the clinic team will assume that it is authorised to contact you via unencrypted email. Warning: email correspondence carries SIGNIFICANT RISKS, e.g. lack of confidentiality, manipulation of content and sender, misdirection, viruses, etc. The clinic team does not accept any responsibility for damages caused as a result of this. We therefore also advise our patients NOT to send ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION, NOT to include the received message when replying to emails and to manually re-enter the email address each time.

Referring doctors can also communicate via a Health Info Net (HIN) address.

For your first consultation

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time so that we can take your personal details and prepare your medical record. Please bring your health insurance card with you.

Your time is precious...
...but a medical clinic is not a fast food restaurant.

We try very hard to ensure our consultations are held on time and, most of the time, we succeed. However, there can sometimes be disruptions to the planned schedule, caused by individual patients whose appointments take longer due to the severity of their condition, or by emergencies; we will not turn away emergency cases because of “impatient” patients. You can also rest assured that we will make time for you if you have an urgent case.

Often, however, it is simply late patients that cause disruptions to our organisation. Please arrive on time and factor in waiting times when planning your consultation.

Waiting room - Praxis Dr. med. Pierre de Viragh

Medical bill/Ärztekasse fund

Our fees are calculated in accordance with the legal requirements of the TarMed tariff system. To ensure that we have as much working time available for our patients as possible, the task of billing is entrusted to the Ärztekasse health insurance fund. At the end of a three-month treatment period, the Ärztekasse will send you a medical bill. The Ärztekasse does not receive any confidential information or precise diagnoses. If there are any problems with your medical bill, please contact the Ärztekasse directly or +41 (0) 848 821 818.

Some patients confuse the medical bill with the doctor’s wages. Certain media reports have added to this confusion. Your medical bill includes all of the following:

  1. Wages: staff including incidental expenses
  2. Infrastructure: rent for the clinic in the centre of Zurich Interest and depreciation of furniture, office equipment and EDP. Electricity, water, heating, cleaning, waste, repairs. Telephone costs, postage, office supplies.
  3. Medicine costs: Interest, depreciation and renewal of equipment and instruments. Consumables (e.g. couch rolls).
  4. Various association fees (e.g. the Ärztefon helpline), training costs, journals, books.

These costs account for around 63% of your medical bill; the remaining 37% equates to the doctor’s wages, including social security contributions, sick pay, holiday pay, military service, training time, pension, insurance, OASI/disability insurance.


To help reduce the amount of time our assistants spend on the phone, please request prescriptions in writing.

However, please note that Article 26, Paragraph 2 of the Federal Act on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of 1 January 2002 prohibits the prescription of medication without consultation (repeat and standing prescriptions). There are exceptional cases in which prescriptions may be repeated once.

Care products that are available without a prescription (e.g. body lotions) and that are not being used as part of a treatment for an acute skin condition cannot be prescribed in accordance with the Federal Health Insurance Act.