Laser treatment

With a few exceptions, laser treatments are considered to be cosmetically motivated and are not covered by health insurance.

Our clinic is able and qualified to administer laser treatments, having been awarded the following certification by the FMCH on behalf of the Swiss Medical Association:

  • Type I certification: Treatment of the skin and oral mucosa with cutting or ablative lasers
  • Type II certification: Treatment of the anogenital skin and mucous membrane and the surrounding areas with cutting or ablative lasers
  • Type IV certification: Treatment of vascular skin lesions
  • Type V certification: Treatment of pigmented skin lesions
  • Type VI certification: Treatment for long-lasting hair reduction

Our treatments

  • Hair epilation (permanent hair removal)
  • Age spots and age-related warts
  • Small xanthelasmas, fibromas
  • Facial flushing caused by rosacea or a hemangioma
  • Scars following acne, operations, accidents, scars caused by self-harm
  • Irregularities in skin texture
  • Skin fissures/stretch marks (caused by pregnancy or growth)
  • Mild to moderate wrinkles as a non-ablative rejuvenation (anti-ageing) treatment

We carry out a consultation and provide a cost estimate before every treatment. Our prices reflect the usual rates offered in Zurich; all service providers determine these rates on the basis of the high equipment and infrastructure costs.

Laser treatment - Clinic of Dr de Viragh

Our range of laser equipment includes

  • Cutera XEO platform with Coolglide Nd:YAG Laser 1064nm
  • AcuTip (IPL)
  • ProWave (IPL)
  • LimeLight (IPL)
  • Palomar Starlux 300 (Lux1540 nm, 10 and 15 mm)
  • Cosmopulse CO2 Laser (continuous and superpulse)