Praxis & Team

Dr. med. Pierre de Viragh


Dr. med. Pierre de Viragh

Facharzt FMH für Dermatologie und Venerologie, spez. Dermatopathologie

Book Chapters

5. de Viragh P. A.: Alopecia ferropénica.
In: Camacho F, Tosti A. (eds.), Montagna Tricologia. Enfermedades del FoliculoPilosebaceo, 2 vols.
Aula Medica, Madrid 2013, pp. 709-718.

english language edition:
♦ 2017 (2. ed.) Ferropenic alopecia. Montagna Trichology – Diseases of the Pilosebaceaous Follicle, 2 vols., pp. 735-743

Reviewed Papers

43. Voellmy R, Zürcher O, Zürcher M, de Viragh PA, Hall AK, Roberts SM: Targeted heat activation of HSP promoters in the skin of mammalian animals and humans. Cell Stress Chaperones. 2018 Feb 7. doi:
10.1007/s12192-018-0875-4 .

Selected Invited Lectures at Medical Meetings, Conferences, and CME Events

44. "Trichology Update 2017".

Lecture at the Trichology Workshop of the 99th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Dermatology and 

Venerology, Bern 07.09.2017

45. "Hair loss in children: Practical insights"
Lecture at the Symposium on paediatric dermatology (Organization: Swiss Society of Dermatology & Venerology), Bern 17.11.2017

46. "Entzündliche Kopfhauterkrankungen".
Lecture at the 7th Swiss Derma Day (organization: University Clinics Basle, Berne, and municipal clinics Bellinzona, Lucerne and Zurich). Lucerne 11.01.2018

47. “Update - Therapie der Alopecia areata”
Lecture at the "Zürcher Dermatologische Fortbildungstage" (organization: University Clinic Zurich), Zurich 21.06.2018


Team - Praxis Dr. med. Pierre de Viragh
  • Frau S. Zgraggen, dipl. Praxisassistentin, Teamleiterin
  • Frau S. Hagenbuch, dipl. Pflegefachfrau HF
  • Frau V. Rutz, dipl. Pflegefachfrau HF
  • Frau L. Schärer, dipl. Biomedizinische Analytikerin